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best kept secret 


best teacher child ratios 
exceptional care

Why Small World?

 3 words we are team that has:   
                                               EXPERIENCE  PASSION  and
                                                                                 most of all TIME....


  • Our small group size and exceptional teacher child ratios ensures your child will get the time and understanding they need to feel comfortable away from home

  • We have time to follow your child's passions and interests. 

  • We have time every day to listen to you and your child

  • We have time to  share enjoyable conversation  with children when they sit and have kai with a friend. 

  • We have time to offer music,circle times and story  throughout the day. They are so much fun we don't have to make them compulsory. Children choose to participate or ask for music and story. 

  • We have time to keep care giving routines such as nappy changing calm and relaxed

  • We have time to learn about your culture and the aspirations you have for your child

  • We have time to have  fun while we play and learn alongside you and your child  and offer the best of care. 




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United Nations rights of the child. # 3

‘Give us the things we need to make us happy and strong and always do your best for us whenever we are in your care.’

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