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Preschool & Nursery

Our Nursery is a purpose built home for your Infants home away from home. 
Underfloor heating creating a warm caring space. 

We proudly offer a small nursery licensed for up to12 children. 
Out ratio is 1 teacher to  3 children.

In our Nursery Infants and Toddlers are able to follow their own home routines for sleep and meals while in our care. The care is flexible and responsive to individual children needs.
Infants and toddlers are also viewed as being very capable and competent. 

Music and story are  valued in our nursery curriculum.

Our Preschool

Te Whariki  our New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum underpins our vision for children who are competent and confident learners and communicators, healthy in mind, body and spirit, secure in their sense of belonging. 
Our philosophy of "Play is Powerful' also guides our programme meaning minimal interuption to childrens learning. 

We are licensed as a mixed age centre which allows us to have a maximum of 25 children in our preschool.

Usually we have  15  with  3 teachers often with  a teacher in training we are able to successfully notice and  follow children's interests and  inquiries .
Music and story and circle times are part of our regular daily routine, designed to be fun so chidlren choose to attend. 
As teachers we share our love of art to encourage the use of all media to allow children to express themselves creatively.
You will see evidence of this on our notice board. 

Each year we set learning priorities and follow an inquiry learning process.

While meeting children’s emotional needs in a warm and caring manner we will also think about physical skills, their ability to solve problems and create new ideas, express themselves, use language, and work in a social environment.

We believe that to become a first-rate learner, children must develop important attitudes about him or herself as a learner and most of all be curious.


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